About us

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How it Began

Bognor Regis Art Society started life in 1947. Our first President was R. O. Dunlop R.A. Our present membership stands at 150 from absolute beginners to the semi-professional. Most members are in between. The Jubilee Hall is ideal for demonstrations and workshops and allows a nice cup of tea mid session.


During the year we have regular monthly demonstrations in all media, Oil, Watercolour, Pastel, Pencil etc and for some of these we follow up with a workshop where we try to emulate the previous demonstration. We also exhibit at Arundel , an ideal place to attract visitors from all around the world and a wonderful opportunity to display and sell our works of art. Once a year at an exhibition our memberís works are judged by our president and cups are awarded for winners of each of the seven media.


A new member is taken on as an Associate and can become a Full and Exhibiting member by producing 3 works judged to be of the standard required by the committee.

Of Interest

Other activities include outdoor painting in some members gardens, a themecompetition and a Christmas Luncheon at the Beachcroft.


For more information about joining our happy band, please contact our membership secretary.